Riot police attack activists

HARARE This week a delegation of 200 women and men marched to Mhlahlandlela Government complex to deliver the Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) report regarding the collapse of the education system in the country.

Once the ministry of education official had attended and received the report, members began to disperse. As they dispersed seven riot police officers ran out of the Police Drill hall, which is opposite the complex, and started to beat the peacefully dispersing activists and innocent bystanders and vendors. One member who tried to avoid arrest by walking into the passport office was followed and beaten, after being beaten she was then told to run to the drill hall whilst being beaten all the way there. Another member was also grabbed and suffered the same fate. It was finally determined that a total of 11 members had been arrested and they were seen being frogmarched into the drill hall.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) quickly deployed a lawyer but he was unable locate them in the Drill hall complex. At 3:30pm, however, they were released without charge or explanation. Medication has been supplied for soft tissue bruising caused by being beaten with a baton stick. WOZA will continue to demonstrate as long as children are still being chased from schools and the constant demands for fees, levies, incentives to teachers and other demands continue unabated, read a statement release by the organisation.

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