Stop bragging

We say to you gentleman of the GNU, stop bragging on your supposed progress since your February 2009 agreement.

Eleven months have since gone by. Your alleged achievement is minimal compared to the daily deterioration of our nation. We are again steadily going backwards. Refrain from far too often loudly proclaiming of the very same achievements.

As a nation we are enough of the bickering within your so-called GNU, the reason that has in reality plagued real advancement. We are incensed by the non-performing ministries holding conferences on talks about talks. What this country needs is urgent accountable and transparent action if it is to halt the rapid deterioration of our once envied and inherited infrastructure.

The deterioration of these national assets is in itself a criminal act, blamed on those who today dress in colonial style suits and drive big expensive European cars – while making racist comments whites. Failure to deliver promptly could very well see the birth of a new initiative that will not encompass this GNU in its present composition.


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