The Word becomes alive

teach_me_your_waysWe are still discussing what happens when we give birth to our own miracles. Its just as silly to think that a stork brings a physical baby. You are praying and looking for your miracle to drop out of heaven.

The way God intended for you to get your miracle is for you to go to the Word of God, which 1 Peter 1:23, says is the incorruptible seed. You need to take this word and meditate on it, having a relationship with it and with the author. Then the word will become alive inside you.

The Word of God conceives a miracle and you recognize that something wonderful has happened inside you. You know it, you cant prove it to anyone else, but you just know. Its like a woman when she is first pregnant, she cant prove it to anyone, but she just knows. She knows something has happened to her body, and after awhile she begins to show and people begin to see she is pregnant.

Its the same with the Word. You know you have conceived and you tell people and they think you are crazy. After awhile, because you are so definite about it, people begin to accept that you have conceived. Its like someone tells you they have been called to ministry in some remote part of the world and you look at them and think they are crazy. But as time goes by and they begin to learn the language and they are so determined – you accept that they have indeed conceived. When they move to that island or country, thats when they have given birth. But it didnt happen at that point, it happened years before, when they conceived.

The way to be healed, therefore, is to go to Gods Word and read scriptures like, by His stripes we were healed. Gods word is life unto those that find them and health to all their flesh. (Proverbs 4:22). Psalm 107:20 says, He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

You take all these scriptures that tell you about the healing power of Gods Word, and you meditate upon them. As you meditate, your faith begins to grow, your relationship with God grows too. Its a process.

Say you go to the doctor and he tells you are going to die. So you go to God and pray and ask Him to heal you. Then you just sit and wait and wait to die – and you wonder what is going on. Many people are expecting a miracle from God but are not having a relationship with the Word of God, which is the seed for whatever miracle you need.

In a sense, most Christians are expecting a virgin birth with no relationship with God in and through his word. If a woman comes up to you and says she is believing for a baby and it is soon going to be born but admits she is not in a relationship with anyone, well guess what, its not going to happen! Yet we expect to give birth to miracles without a relationship with the Word of God. – For previous columns in this series please check the website:

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