Villagers call for completion of dam

damZVISHAVANE - Residents and villagers here are appealing to the government for the completion of Shave Dam, a move they believe will lessen the impact of drought in the district.

Villagers believe that completion of the dam, whose construction commenced over 10 years ago, will mean more villagers will be able to go into irrigation. “Those families that have pieces of land in the few irrigation schemes that we have are much better off than those who do not. The completion of all outstanding dams will mean more families will benefit from irrigation schemes,” said Trynos Njobo, a villager in Mapanzure in Zvishavane.

Mercy Gondwe, another villager near Shave dam, said they had watched the dam for ten years hoping one day it would be completed for their benefit. “But years have passed, MPs have come and gone and still the dam is still incomplete. I wonder if it will ever be completed,” she said.

The incumbent Member of the House of Assembly representative for Zvishavane- Ngezi in which the dam is located, Obert Matshalaga, said there was a higher chance that the dam would be completed this year now that the inflationary environment is no longer a problem.

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