Zim is scarred forever

EDITOR - In theory, Morgan Tsvangirai should be a dead man by now. No one takes on Robert Mugabe and lives.

But the Prime Minister is alive and well, and between them GNU has been declared. We did not expect it to last. Cracks are beginning to develop in the Global Political Agreement, and it may have a Reservoir Dogs-style ending. Mugabe realises that if the GPA is implemented fully, it will influence the balance of power and weaken his grip on Zimbabwe. I know Bob firmly believes no-one is up to doing his job. My worry is that in future presidents will refuse to leave office even after losing elections. After all they will be rewarded with a government of national unity, at the very least.

The people of Zimbabwe deserve a free and fair election. I am not of the opinion that peaceful means can be used to make Mugabe realise the reality. If we all agree that the elections were unfair, then maybe it is time the GNU pushed for another election. The violence was what made the SADC to push for a GNU. There was plenty diplomatic pressure to bring a quick end to the crises. Despite the GNU, Zimbabwe is scarred forever! It will take decades to convince people that Zimbabwe is a safe country to visit, even more decades before certain groups of Zimbabweans can go about their business without fear in certain parts of the country.

The GPA is a cosmetic solution that will pass to our children and it should have been avoided at all costs. If you look at any major conflict which has been resolved peacefully and people moved forward there has always been some form of Truth and reconciliation as a first step. But truth and reconciliation has always been made possible by the winning side, the truthful side, the progressive side, which wants to move forward and put the past behind them. If you look at the South African conflict, there was this pattern.



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