BBC interview a joke

EDITOR - What a load of nonsense for a Sunday morning! I have just wasted half an hour of my life listening to .....

an interview of Arthur Mutambara on BBC World Service. What a blinking Idiot!

This guy, for all his rocket science, Oxford, MIT etc is nuts. The way he speaks, he supports Mugabe, he supports the Stalinist invasion of the kulaks (land invasions removing the current legitimate free-holders). How can anyone support such an idiot?

His hero is Che Guevara, saying he is the supreme human being. There he shows his true colours – because there is only one supreme human being, who also is God – and that is Jesus Christ. To support a communist terrorist for this role shows that this man supports Satan.

Mugabe is said to be a Catholic, his toady Bishop Kunonga is just as vile. They all serve their master the devil just as did those Pharisees whom Christ confronted.

I call upon Zimbabweans to have no truck with this traitor to the cause. Hopefully MDC-T will see sense and pull out of this menage-a-trois with two such parties.

Hopefully Zimbabwe will wake up and purge itself of such elements whose antinomian thinking has led to such abhorrent misrule, waves of murder, violence anD torture.

Well done to Niger for removing a dictator. May Zimbabwe have the guts to do the same. Yes, Zimbabweans are hungry. In the French revolution it was the very shortage of food and extreme hunger that led the people to remove Louis 16th and his Marie Antoinette (whose behaviour is so similar to Grace Mugabe’s love of riches).

Free Zimbabwe! ANDREW HOPE-HALL, by e-mail

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