Constitution age limit

zim_flagEDITOR - I read with a bit of hope the current Zimbabwean constitutional reform initiatives which could lead to a people-driven democratic constitution in Zimbabwe, despite attempts to disrupt the process by Zanu (PF).

All Zimbabweans, both those within and outside Zimbabwe, should use the opportunity to ensure good governance is possible. An area of concern for me is the age limit for people elected into office. At the moment, the limit only applies to the minimum age that determined whether one an run for office. Limiting the age is healthy as people below a certain age, for example, the under 18 years youths may not effectively represent a constituency in parliament because they do not have the practical experience. I recall Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga was once disqualified from standing as a councillor because she was said to be too young.

Also when people reached a certain age, they begin to loose some of their faculties, hence are no longer eligible to perform certain tasks. That is why people are involuntarily retired from work. Equally, when people reach a certain age, they cannot effectively function, hence should not be allowed to hold public office. The new constitution should, therefore, come up with age limits for all elected public officials, from councillors, members of parliament, mayors, presidents and prime ministers. In my opinion, the age limit must be eighty-five years. I leave the rest for others to consider. New Zealand

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