King of fools

jonathan_moyoEDITOR - What was Jonathan doing in the USA? I find it hard to believe that he was educated there. It would be easier to believe that he had been schooled in a communist country.

Just by looking at his policies and utterances one can see that Moyo is a retrogressive thinker. People who have been educated in the USA are known to be progressive and open minded thinkers, but not Moyo. He enjoys turning back the clock and is closed minded when it comes to new ideas. He would feel at home in the Stone Aage where he would preside over ignorant people and wouldn’t find any shame in being a king of fools.

Just look at the chaos and confusion that he caused in the media sector, most notably at ZBC. When you listen to his English, it is embarrassing. His love for big words is to try and confuse people and most of it is pure rubbish. I believe he spent his time in the USA merely sightseeing. by e-mail

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