Most consistent of democrats

EDITOR - An important visit to Zimbabwe by a team of British MPs to re-open the debate on whether Britain promised millions to Zimbabwe for white farmer compensation after Independence, was scheduled for Monday February 1.

How dreary that the MPs are reported to have said privately that they know that they `have to deal with Mugabe, not Tsvangirai’ in `clearing the way for new dialogue with the Zimbabwean government with reference to the land issue.

The Mugabe government, the so-called a unity government, has already mounted its propaganda offensive. It starts as my former colleague and old friend in the Centre Party, MDC-T Member of Parliament, Eddie Cross, is getting the Herald’s shabby treatment of a good man who happens to be white. They have played the `Rhodie’ (race) card because Eddie has stated publicly that all of the land grabs in Zimbabwe are NOT irreversible.

Morgan Tsvangirai has obviously been playing it `cool’ because he knows, as we all do, that Zanu (PF)’s exploitation of the land issue is the most dishonest and at the same time, successful, ploy used by Mugabe to excuse his destruction of Zim’s economy.

I wish it could be made clear to the British MPs that of all the Zimbabwean MPs (bar Roy Bennett and perhaps Dave Coltart and latterly, Trudy Stevenson who, like Eddie, just happen to be white), Eddie Cross is one of the bravest and most consistent of democrats. Since 1968, when he joined and helped to run our former, pre-independence, non-racial Centre Party, right through to his remarkable success in winning his parliamentary seat for the MDC-T, he has identified with the need to do away with the colonial heritage of racial superiority and its legacy of unequal opportunity in respect of land ownership. Thirty years after Independence; his track record in pursuit of equality for all Zimbabwe’s people is entirely without stain. Zanu (PF) knows this and fears him. DIANA MITCHELL, West Sussex

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