Moyo lap dances for his supper

jonathanEDITOR - Jonathan Moyo is at it again. I just cannot fathom why he has ceased to use his professorial brain and embark on a parroting mission. His failed attempts to join a democratic party have left him with no choice but to go back to a dying political party which he is attempting to give the kiss of life.

Moyo is a professor and should be intelligent enough to know that his attempts are futile and should reconsider his moves each time he attacks Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister and Zimbabwe’s Democratic Party. The MDC is a party of excellence and Moyo knows it. MDC is our hope for a better future should he disagree he will have to face the people of Zimbabwe. We are tired of Jonathan Moyo and Zanu (PF) who have failed us since 1980 its time there is some real Change in Zimbabwe and Jonathan must just shut up if he cannot be an agent for Change. by e-mail

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