Oh, please shut up AGO, you embarrass Welsh

ago_mutambaraOne of Zimbabwes Deputy Prime Ministers, Arthur Mutambara (pictured), has been bad-mouthing both this nation and its popular Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai. This article is a rebuttal to Mutambaras vituperations as pu

Mutambara castigated the PM for referring to the targeted sanctions as restrictive measures, and claimed that this country is under full sanctions. If that is the case, how then is it possible to do trade with both the UK and the EU as has recently been disclosed in the media? Mutambara is obviously doing his best to demonstrate that he is a much better bootlicker for Mugabe than all of his underlings in Zanu (PF) put together.

Mutambara is likely to be of the opinion that Mugabe is still the old kingmaker that he used to be several years ago. He fails to realize that the geriatric is clearly washed out like a used tea bag. Thank God, no one in the West bothers to pay any real attention to Mutambara. Whether they are sanctions or restrictive measures, they must stay firmly in place until Mugabe and Zanu (PF) behave themselves properly in the political arena.

Yes, we have challenges in the GPA but we are having a new dispensation. What is the man talking about? These are not challenges but serious problems. There is no new dispensation compared to what was obtaining in 2008 Ago. A new dispensation is not defined by the simple fact that you and a few others are now part and parcel of the Mugabe regime. What Zimbabwe needs is regime change, and that has not yet been realized.

Mr. DPM, with due respect, with reference to the British Foreign secretarys recent comments about asking the MDC-T view on the removal of sanctions, Mutambara was understandably livid. Milliband did not indicate that the British government would also ask AGOs tiny MDC-M about the issue. Our honourable DPM fails to appreciate that the British government would need to ask the majority political party in the GNU, the party that won the presidential election of 2008. And all along I thought the good Professor understood such simple politics.

The DPMs praise and worship of China and Mugabes look east policy are probably the best indicators to date of Mutambaras desperation to become one of Mugabes quislings. The DPM fails to appreciate the damage that China and Chinese cheap goods have wrought on our economy. Our textile industry has literally collapsed in the face of cheap and poor standard clothes from China. Yet the Professor thinks that we need to attract investors from the West as well as get close to the Chinese in order to be prosperous.

How many Chinese investors have ever bothered to visit Zimbabwe since the formation of the GNU? Is it not true that the Chinese are only interested in selling us guns and ammunition so we can kill each other more effectively? Is it not true, Prof. that the Chinese are good at building us stadia, which are the least productive structures any country can ever spend money on. In doing so, the Chinese prefer to send their own people rather than employ any of ours.

In the end, AGO admitted that the Chinese were still communists and not democrats. Then he goes on to state some of the most vicious statements any civic leader in this country will love with a passion. The best ones include: When you are successful, no one thinks about your democracy or lack of it; In terms of economic dynamics, seek the kingdom of prosperity and democracy will follow; and the clincher, At times democracy, human rights, etc. are not necessary.

And all along I thought Robert Mugabe was bad news for this nation. Wait till AGO ascends to the throne. May God help us all.

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