Porsche thief ‘drove to court in stolen Lexus’

lexusA US man found guilty of stealing a Porsche was re-arrested after police learned he had driven to court in a stolen Lexus.

Tony Van, 37, a hairstylist from San Francisco, was caught out after seven tiny Yorkshire terrier puppies escaped from the Lexus 4WD.

He was at the Marin County courthouse for a jury verdict on a charge of stealing the $125,000 Porsche Carrera in San Anselmo, California, reports the Marin Indendent Journal.

Some of the puppies escaped from the vehicle, attracting the attention of bystanders and leading sheriff’s deputies to discover the stolen vehicle.

Then Van came out to the vehicle, with the keys. He was arraigned on further charges of receiving a stolen vehicle, receiving stolen property, animal cruelty and leaving animals in an unattended vehicle.

The dogs are in good condition and are being held at the Marin Humane Society until further notice, said Capt Cindy Machado.

“We’re awaiting further word from the district attorney’s office to see how we should proceed,” she said.

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