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handcuffedGodfrey Chimombe, MDC provincial vice chairman for Mashonaland Central was arrested on Saturday 13th of February around 0900hours by detective Tariro of Bindura Law and Order section for allegedly insulting the president on a political rally.

He is being charged under section 33 A chapter 2 and faces a sentence of up to two years if convicted. On the 6th of February, Law and Order section Bindura allege that Chimombe insulted the office of the president when he chanted out a slogan (Mugabe Mudenga muroverei pasi) addressing a political rally at Mapfura stadium in Mt Darwin. Chimombe continues to be illegally detained at Bindura Central police station and no court date has been set following the on-going strike by court officials.

ROHR Zimbabwe secretary general Tichanzii Gandanga has condemned the arrest as controversial and unlawful. It appears security agents are on a mission to create an impression that there is a cult of holy leaders among those serving in public office who are exempt from criticism and scrutiny said Gandanga. Under normal circumstance politicians should not be persecuted for utterances made at political rallies.

Independent critics accuse the police of being unreformed, partisan and taking advantage of draconian legislation to harass and intimidate political and human rights activist by criminalizing any criticism directed at the head of state and government Robert Mugabe.

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