The choice is ours

teach_me_your_waysYou see, God gives us a choice. He gave Adam and Eve a choice of what tree to eat. He gave the people of Israel a choice.

Choose life or death. As God gave Adam and the Israelites the correct answer, choose life, it is still your choice! You can accept or reject God. You can accept what the Word promises or reject it, its your choice. If you want to reject the fact that God paid for sickness and instead believe God uses sickness to make you a better person, God will still love you, you will just get to heaven quicker.

We need to choose, did Jesus pay for sickness or not? If we accept that He did pay for sickness, and then if someone dies of a disease, dont say God did that. Too often we are not prepared to take responsibility. There could be many reasons why a person died. Unbelief, maybe there was anger, hatred, or maybe the person who was sick, wanted to go home to be with the Lord. But please dont say God took them.

The Bible says we should live three score years and 10. That means 70 years. Living 70 years is the minimum we should be living. When a young person dies and people say God took them, that is so unfair. Why would God take someone home at a young age? What does God need someone like that in heaven?

What are those years in comparison to eternity? It is like a grain of sand on the seashore. But the truth is it is easier to say it was God and instead of taking responsibility for the situation, we blame God. I know there are those who will be really mad with me, but the Word says, the truth will set you free. Surely you have asked yourself the question: Why would God do this? and if, you are completely honest, you cant answer that question.

Unless we decide what Gods will is, we will be like that ship that James speaks of that is tossed by the sea. If you believe that God puts sickness on people and you get sick, then dont go to the doctor, dont take any medicine – because if you do you will be fighting Gods plan for you.

You may respond, Ray you are being ridiculous. Am I? I am not saying God does not use doctors or medicine, but if you cannot decide if sickness is from God or the devil, how can you believe? – For previous columns in this series please see the website

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