Toll gate taxes

pot_holes.jpegEDITOR - Have you noticed how the potholes in Harare are spreading like a virus, making our road even less safe than before? Dim street lighting and missing road signs dont help much as well. (Pictured : Pick-up truck stuck in a pot hole on Samora Machel Ave Hre.)

Perhaps youve seen small voluntary road crews fixing roads and asking for donations for their work. Great community effort BUT where oh where is all that tollgate tax going? Cars for chefs? Lunches to make chefs’ stomachs even fatter? According to a recent report in the Sunday News, urban roads will not be upgraded with money raised from the tollgates. Instead, various highways will be improved, and permanent shelters will be erected at the tollgate sites countrywide.

Mr Mbiriri, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Infrastructural Development said road maintenance was already under way with some projects finished while others are nearing completion. Do yourselves a favour and send an email to Transparency-International Zimbabwe on [email protected] asking them to please:

a) Lobby Mr Mbiriri to disclose the full details and expenditure of all projects being undertaken using funds from tollgates and to publish these findings in the press so that we can make up our own minds about how usefully our taxes are being spent. Kubatana suggests that all projects using tollgate funds are clearly signposted as such so that the public has a clearer picture of which initiatives are supposedly being funded by tollgate tax.

b) Meet with Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda to explore ways to allow citizens better knowledge of budgets, allocations and areas of priority in regard to the rehabilitation of our water supplies.

c) Demand a full audit from the Ministry of Mines on revenues received from national diamond production.

Silence breeds corruption.

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