Trying to impress God?

teach_me_your_waysIf we are totally honest, most Christians feel condemned, because when they read the Bible and compare themselves to what they read, they .....

fall terribly short. We go through life struggling to get to grips with Gods Word, which means we struggle with God.

We think the reason why our lives are not blessed is because we are bad; because we dont pray enough, we dont give enough, and we dont go to church enough. The truth is if you think like this then your walk with the Lord is performance-based. This is no different to the other religions in the world – trying to do good things to impress God!

If you consider that from an early age we have been judged and blessed according to performance, then you can understand why we respond to God in this manner. When we were young, our parents gave us things on condition we performed. If you do well at school we will give you a bicycle. If you do well on the sports field, we will give you a computer.

When you start working, if you work hard you will get an increase or a promotion. So it is understandable why we think that we need to perform to please God. We think to receive the promises of God we need to perform. This is so far from the truth!

A good marriage is not based on performance, but on love. If the woman says to the man, I will marry you, on condition you give me $2000 every month as spending money. You will employ a servant. I will not cook for you; I expect a gift once a week.

This would not be a marriage based on love, but performance. The only reason that woman is marrying the man is for what she can get out of him. Perhaps unconsciously we do the same to God. We think that if we meet the demands of the law, then He will bless us. This is not what the Bible teaches.

So we become negative. We are like the sea, tossed to and fro by various doctrines. We are trying to find the keys to success and, like a mirage, it keeps on eluding us. We become despondent, confused and full of unbelief. Five years ago, when I looked at Zimbabwe, I didnt see a snowballs chance that the country would ever come right. Much prayer had gone up to Gods throne, but it was as if God was not listening. All we seemed to be receiving were a few crumbs from heaven.

If you are honest with yourself, you will admit you feel like this. Maybe not all the time – but most of the time you are discouraged. Dont miss Thursdays column! – For previous columns in this series please see the website

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