Why running isnt bad for your knees

and a remedy for athlete's foot
Regularly running can make the knees more resilient to wear and tear. Many people avoid running, despite it being a good form of cardiovascular exercise, because of fears it will damage their joints.

But the latest research suggests that running actually make knees more resilient to the pain caused by wear and tear. In a study published in the journal Arthritis Research and Therapy, U.S. rheumatologists found that adults who run regularly can expect to have 25 per cent less pain and less osteoarthritis, particularly in the hip and knee joints, than non-runners when they get older. It’s thought the improvements were due to better muscle strength and healthier bones, although the experts stressed that only regular running had such benefits. Dipping in and out of the activity over the years did not seem to protect joints in the same way

Cure Athletes Foot

A few tablespoons of this garlicky vinegar in hot water make a powerful anti-fungal foot bath, but don’t use it on broken skin – it will hurt! The vinegar takes a month to infuse, but will last at least six months and up to a year. It tastes good in salad dressings, too. 10 bulbs garlic, finely chopped 100g fresh sage leaves 500 ml cider vinegar Place the chopped garlic and sage leaves in a jar, then add the cider vinegar. Seal and leave to infuse for a month, shaking occasionally. USE: Add 5 tbsp to a bowl of hot water and soak feet for 15 minutes. Use 2-3 times a week.

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