Zanu (PF) recycles deadwood

jona_moyoAny proposed changes will result in the sharpening of pangas and ultimately the bursting of car tyres at high speed (Pictured: Jonathan Moyo was left out of the madhouse)

The perpetual leader of the dying Zanu (PF) last week announced the names of the old people appointed (not elected) into the ridiculous Politburo of that political party for the period 2009 to 2014. Lo and behold! Jonathan Moyo was left out of the madhouse, which goes to demonstrate how much spirit of forgiveness Mugabe has for sinners.

I am glad he is not God; otherwise we would all be all be destined for hell, regardless of our repentance in ashes and sackcloth. Johno, I thought, had recanted his evil ways and returned to the sinking ship with good intentions and high expectations of being rehabilitated in the shortest possible time.

Well, apparently, good old Mugabe has a mind of his own, and he thoughtlessly, if not recklessly, left Moyo in the cold. Mugabe is clearly taking a serious risk here. There are some people in Zanu (PF) who firmly believe that their political party lost the 2008 elections because they did not have the rigging expertise of Jonathan, as well as his propaganda spinning skills. George Charamba does not come anywhere near, and he knows that.

The list of the members of the Politburo is so laughable that tissue papers are now in short supply. It is ridiculous to retain Mutasa in the administration post when all he has done is preside over the total collapse of the former liberation movement. Why not allow the old man to retire to his rural kingdom and enjoy the fruits of his long years of hard work? In typical Mugabe fashion, virtually all the members of the old guard were retained either in the same positions or as committee members.

Shamuyarira, for example, was removed from the information and publicity office to just be a committee member. In the same category are such ancients as Mujuru, Solomon, Chitepo, Msipa, Kangai, Hungwe, Mudenda, Masuku, Mathuthu and Madzongwe. These are all spent forces that are simply kept in the Politburo to ensure that they will remain loyal to Mugabe instead of thinking of joining either Dabengwa or Simba Makoni.

To assign Rugare Gumbo to the information and publicity office is clearly asking for trouble. The man is not adequately malicious to handle this portfolio. He is likely to be trampled all over by the young fellows in the MDC come elections 2011. This is the position that Johno would have loved to re-occupy had he been uplifted from the dust.

Both Gumbo and Mathema are too much of gentlemen to handle that office for the reeling party. But perhaps the scariest appointment was that of Shamu to head the commissariat. This is one job no one in Zanu (PF) wants. History has taught all the members of that collapsing party that you accept that posting at your own risk. Given the decaying nature of the former liberation movement, this will be a Herculean task for a glorified journalist to cope with. Shamu will be best advised not to engage in any restructuring exercise for his party. The factionalism in the party has been cascaded right down to the cell level, and any proposed changes will result in the sharpening of pangas and ultimately the bursting of car tyres at high speed. The rest is history.

The Politburo line-up clearly confirms that Mugabe has completely lost the plot. He is totally unaware of the changing times and the prevailing mood in the country. The politics of todays Zimbabwe cannot be handled by a tired and retired leadership of yesterday. Finally, contrary to some uninformed speculation, poor old Kuruneri was also left out to wallow further in his misery. Zanu (PF) may forget, but it does not forgive.

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