Zimbos mistreated in SA

JOHANNESBURG - Some Zimbabwean businessmen based in South Africa have been accused of ill-treating fellow Zimbabweans who work for them.

A number of Zimbabweans interviewed voiced their concern over some unscrupulous business men who were employing unfair labour practices. A former Assistant Inspector in the Zimbabwe Republic Police accused the Jeppe-based security company of underpaying the Zimbabweans who do not have valid documents. Norman Ndlovu said: I was working for this company owned by a Zimbabwean and managed by former policemen. The South Africans were paid more than us Zimbabweans, but we were doing the same job.

According to Ndlovu, the security company was targeting former soldiers and policemen without any papers. He said that when the South Africans failed to turn up for work, he was commanded to immediately dress and go to work. The former policeman said he was given an R3 rifle and told to guard a filling station without a valid document. The hospitality industry in South Africa is a major employer of Zimbabweans. Fortunate Nyathi said a Braamfontein-based catering company owned by a Zimbabwean from Plumtree, was abusing them. According to Nyathi, their employer took them to work and did not collect them until late at night, forcing them to walk long distances in unknown areas. The catering company owner pays them R10 per hour when others pay as much as R30 per hour.

Emmanuel Dewa works as a labourer with a Zimbabwean contractor. Emmanuel said: My boss owes me a lot of money. He pays me R70 per day while other construction companies pay more than R100. Zimbabweans in South Africa are found doing menial jobs despite their qualifications. Some work in the farms, construction companies and hotels and restaurants.

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