Bring me my gun, says Zuma

makumbe_headerThe South African President, Jacob Zama did, indeed, bring his gun to Harare last week, in that not only did he meet the three principals to the GPA and their negotiators, but he also insisted and met Gono, Tomana and Roy Bennett.

This was innovative, and it did wonders since he advised some of the persons to put their country ahead of their petty squabbles and selfish interests. We know which ones he was targeting with his umchini, but we wait to see whether his advice fell on fertile ground or on thorny bushes.

Zuma was able to identify the critical areas, as well as to reduce the number of outstanding issues that have to be resolved by 31 March 31. He was also able to set a deadline for the resolution of these matters. We all know that Mugabe does not like deadlines and ultimatums. Zuma may not have been aware of this allergy in the old man Zanu (PF). Here again, we wait to see whether the proposed deadline will be met by the negotiators.

We need to remind ourselves that there was actually nothing new that was agreed by the various parties as a result of Zumas visit. In other words, the battle is still raging, and the various parties are still to find any compromise. We are informed that in the light of the approved reforms to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Act, Gideon Gono has indicated that he is willing to resign.

He has made more than enough money, anyway, and it is only smart to step down now before the chickens come home to roost. For Tomana to resign will be to subject his dear party, Zanu (PF) to the wolves. A non-partisan attorney general could be tempted to allow the arrest and prosecution of some of the perpetrators of the 2008 electoral violence, and we all know that 100% of them were members of the reeling Zanu (PF) party. He could also welcome the arrest and prosecution of the numerous kleptomaniacs who are well known, but who are currently protected by Tomanas partisan approach to matters of corruption in high places.

With reference to the swearing in of Roy Bennett as deputy minister of agriculture, I have urged the MDC to assign Bennett to a different portfolio and not to agriculture. The racist Zanu (PF) is vehemently opposed to a white deputy minister of agriculture. Tsvangirai could easily switch Bennett with Mutsekwa and make Roy the co-minister of Home Affairs. Perhaps Mutsekwa will perform better as deputy minister of agriculture. He has so far done very little in the Home Affairs ministry, in my view.

But there are also several other areas to which Roy could be assigned instead of agriculture. I personally fear that to assign Roy to the ministry of agriculture is to unnecessarily endanger his life. Bennett is more useful to this nation alive than dead. In dealing with Zanu (PF), we are dealing with murderers and rapists. Let us not pretend that we are all of a sudden dealing with some civilized political party.

The provincial governors must be re-allocated according to any agreed formula. It will be unfair to the MDC formations to wait until the illegal contracts of the serving governors expire. Mugabe had no business appointing them unilaterally in the first place. If this means they will have to be compensated then Mugabe must foot the bill himself. It will be unfair to the MDC to wait until August to appoint new MDC provincial governors. Mugabe must be made to pay for his sins.

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