Hundreds have water cut off

HARARE - The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) has condemned the water disconnections that took place in Mufakose recently.

The CHRA said the cut-offs were insensitive as they could expose residents to diseases such as typhoid, which the City Health Department is still trying to contain in Mabvuku after it killed five people. Mabvuku has gone without water for three years, and this is widely believed to be reason for the disease outbreak. “The City Council disconnected water for outstanding bills in Mufakose and about 150 families were affected,” CHRA said in a statement. The organisation said it is ‘deeply concerned’ by the reports that it received from the residents of Mufakose who ‘raised an outcry on the water disconnection exercise’.

CHRA said due the high bills, most residents in high density areas were executing part payments of their water bills as they could not afford to pay the high amounts being demanded by the Harare Water Department. CHRA urged the City of Harare to seriously consider the implications of disconnecting water supplies to residents especially considering the fact that Harare is still vulnerable to diseases caused by acute water shortages. These residents have no other sources of water and it is likely that they will resort to unprotected water sources.

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