Textile industry faces collapse

textileBULAWAYO - The union that represents textile workers fears a collapse of the industry in Bulawayo if strikes and viability problems continue.

Zimbabwe Textile Workers Union (ZTWU) said the situation was dire as industrial action by workers battered companies that a experiencing financial challenges problems.

Companies in the sector, such as Merlin, have been experiencing industrial action by employees over salaries while other companies in the industry, such as National Blankets and Merspin have reported financial difficulties.

The textile industry is struggling here and some companies are likely to be closed if that trend continues. Workers have been affected and we are working very hard to have them paid their wages and salaries, said a ZTWU official.

Workers in the sector have recently gone on strike citing poor wages and owed salaries. The industry is struggling to recover from the decade-long economic crisis that battered Zimbabwe.

The setback led to a loss of jobs after company closures. The industry has lost an estimated 17 000 jobs in recent years because of foreign competition from South Africa, which used subsidies, export incentives, and tariff protection to support its textiles industry.

At its peak, Zimbabwe had one of most viable textile industries and was one of the leading cotton producers in the continent.

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