We demand answers

EDITOR It is now 10 years since my uncle, Strover Mutonhori, was murdered, but we are still waiting for the minister of Home Affairs, Kembo Mohadi, to prove that there is rule of law, justice and that he has not covered up his own tracks in this murder case.

I have written several letters, one through the Zimbabwean embassy in London, and several directly to him in Harare but no reply. I call upon Mr Mohadi to come clean and be proven innocent in the courts so that we can put this case to rest.

Strovers family and friends have been robbed of their loved one. We want answers. What happened to those quotes: Its now a matter of weeks before suspects are brought to book said the officer in charge, Kezi police station, Asst Insp Raymond Ngwenya, on September 04, 1999. Search for Mutonhoris killers intensified police make headway in hunt for killers Snr Asst commissioner Ngonidzashe Gambiza, on October 08, 1999. Zimbabwe will not tolerate a situation where people are kidnapped and murdered. The culprit will definitely be brought to book. It has been brought by a colleague in our weekly Cabinet meeting and there will not be any cover up Minister Dumiso Dabengwa, September 10, 1999.

The net is closing in Dabengwa and Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri, September 01, 1999. The two letters written to my uncle by Kembo Mohadi and his wife Tambudzai, which were handed over to the police, have disappeared. But Strover has not disappeared from our memories. We demand answers. JANE DONGO, Wiltshire

Lets destroy them fairly

EDITOR – The most common virus which fails Zimbabweans is the continuous clinging to power of the ageing dictator, Robert Mugabe. The Kariba Draft must surely be put aside, that was really Mugabe and his allies ideas. We, as Zimbabweans must stand and fight for our rights. I think Tsvangirai has done enough for us. The man must reserve his energy for the fight for presidency.

Mugabe claims they are agreed on this wreck law of indigenization. When the two credible leaders agreed to lead the country on a transparent basis, Mugabe boasted to have ideologically saved Zimbabwe. Nothing will change in Zimbabwe with the greediness and selfishness orchestrated by the Mugabe regime. The mediators will come and go as long we exclude the Europeans; my hope is not in Africa to solve its potholes.

The suggestion I have, lets mobilize all Zimbabweans. Three decades of hardship and segregation can be saved by the mighty majority of Zimbabweans who seem to be denied a life time opportunity of happiness and glory. I heard about the xenophobic scenario which is being spearheaded towards other foreign people who operate their businesses in Zimbabwean cities, how on earth can we treat people like this? What about the Zimbabweans who reside in South Africa and experienced horrific xenophobic attacks? Innocent people were brutalized and their belongings vandalized – even today some are still traumatized.

Zanu (PF) can postpone the much-awaited election and deny us our freedom, but we will wait for them as vultures to destroy them fairly. Victory is ours. What I can advise the people is: lets not forget to ask for guidance from the Europeans and then we can take it form there. AARON DUBE, by e-mail

Talking is over

EDITOR – I believe that as Zimbabweans, we have not approached this Mugabe nightmare the way it should be done. Tswangirayi has done what he can, but I feel he lacks the intellectual stamina. We have tried talking, but as you know, Mugabe is evil. He is prepared to die in power, and there will be no meaningful change in Zimbabwe for the time that he remains alive. Even after he dies, we will still have to contend with those thugs who have benefited from Mugabe patronage.

Now I reading that Zanupf (mugabe) is planning to terrorize Zimbabweans yet again from July onwards! This should not be allowed. My simple mind tells me that we can not continue to do what we have been doing in the past, this has not given any positive result! Talking is over. Tsvangirai can continue his games with Mugabe, but that will not bring relief to suffering Zimbabweans. The Zimbabwean economy (what remains of it) is going to suffer another blow with the new measures Mugabe has put in place. This should not be allowed. Why well meaning Zimbabweans fail to do anything, leaving all moves to Tsvangirai (who seems now to be contended with the status as it is) defeats me.

I believe now we need thinking leaders, leaders who are proactive, and not reactive like the lot we have. We need to always take the fight to Mugabe and his thugs, and regain our country. This can be done very intelligently, saving lives. This has been done elsewhere. One example was when Colombians were being terrorized by one man, Pablo Excobar. The people came up with very a effective counter and his reign of terror came to an abrupt end. Why can we not think outside the confines of this little box that we have been in for years? Lessons can be drawn from many other past dictators, and we can come up with our own interventions. There are other ways to make Mugabe and his people understand that they are not God.

I am a fifty-eight-year-old Zimbabwean who feels that we are letting not only ourselves down, but we have done great disservice to our kids and their kids. Mugabe has destroyed our culture, most young Zimbabweans don’t know who they are anymore. Running away or becoming Americans or British will never give us respect. We have to do something meaningful! ANON., by e-mail

Problems in Mutare

EDITOR – Is Mutare City Council broke? The money which all Mutare residents are paying for bills where is it going? Our roads are now in a very bad state. And the Mutare city council is not making an effort to repair them. Its no longer potholes but dongers and gulleys. A journey which used to take 10 minutes is now taking 30 minutes because of the poor state of roads.

There are some unemployed youths who are making a spirited effort to fill the potholes. I always see them repairing our roads. You might end up thinking that the city council workers are sitting, yet they are not. They have got the potential to repair our roads. If Mutare city council workers are failing to repair our roads then why not empower these youths? There is a senior police officer at Mutare central police station called Mai Marume. She is very rough to the members of the public especially to men. She claims to be a man wearing a womans clothes. She needs to go to the public relations refresher course. The whole Mutare central police station is considered rough because of her.

If she does not like to rectify her public relations, then let a bad apple be removed before it spoils the whole basket. I am appealing to her superiors to take actions agonist her before she further tarnished the image of the police force as a whole. Only 34 Zimbabweans purchased 2010 World Cup tickets so far. Poverty is very bad. Many Zimbabweans have never been to Victoria Falls and yet many people from developed countries are always visiting this tourist destination. World Cup was brought closer to us but we are still going to watch it on TV depending on the availability of electricity. It is very unfortunate.

We also want statistics of all Southern African countries in terms of 2010 World Cup tickets purchases. Money is power, USA is a thousand miles away from SA yet many Americans will be attending the World Cup. No easy walk to freedom. Its now more than 10 years since MDC was formed. It shows that power will not come on a silver plate. MDC must find new ways to dethrone President Mugabe and his Zanu (PF). NORMAN MUSHOHWE, Mutare

Music piracy

EDITOR – Music piracy is spreading like veld fire here in Zimbabwe. Local musicians are getting nothing from their sweat. Local urban groove artists like Stunner and Winky D sometimes use Popular Jamaican riddims and bits from American artists. Are they obtaining rights to use those riddims or bits from their Jamaican or American counterparts?

Artists need to be original before blaming pirates. Macheso produced the song Murondatsimba to warn musicians to be creative and produce their own original music. The police and the musicians must work together to stop piracy. MUSIC LOVER, by e-mail

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