Nicholas Goche: Why Should Anyone be Lead by you?

nicholas_gocheWho are the men and women who have been elected to run the affairs of your country? What is their background? What do they stand for? This is the third in a series that takes a closer look at those in power in Zimbabwe today. (Pictured: Nicholas Goche was at the helm of the terror campaign

Nicholas Tasunungurwa Goche, MP for Shamva North Constituency.

Nicholas Goche is the member of the house of assembly for Shamva North Constituency. He is currently the minister of Transport and Communication in the inclusive government. In the run up to the Presidential run off elections he wreaked havoc with his terror campaign in the whole of Shamva District.

Goches legend of brutality stretches as far back as the 2000 elections when scores of people where butchered in and around the Shamva Gold mine areas. The violence occurs during what Goche and his band of psychopaths called re-education – all night (pungwe) sessions.

Soon after the 2005 general elections Goche was appointed the Minister of State Security, thus placing the control of the CIO directly under his administration. It appears his bond with the dreaded Spy agency has not been severed since.

In 2008, towards the June run off elections Goche, as the serving minister of Labour and Social Welfare, issued an order barring all humanitarian organizations from distributing food aid in the country. Observers noted that his action had been prompted by the fact that the MDC was gaining inroads in the previously Zanu (PF) dominated areas and he thought that NGOs were taking advantage of food shortages and campaigning for the MDC.

This infamous decree resulted in many people starving and there was much confusion in the local and international NGO and civic society circles. Any amount of lobbying efforts were in vain. His blood stained campaign trail in the 2008 June elections was marked by terrible reports of the victims experiences at the hands of Goche himself or his militia assisted by his faithful CIO agents. Some of the reported heart rending events are chronicled below.

11 May 2008

In a small village in the resettlement areas of Shamva, a gang of youth militia who had been brought into the area by Nicholas Goche descended on Elias Kahari Madzivanziras homestead.

They accused the family of being MDC supporters, and they started randomly beating up everyone in sight and destroying what ever they could lay their hands on. Elias was struck on the head with an axe, his wife Erica was butchered in the same manner but she survived. Elias, however, died on the spot. Witnesses noted that the people who murdered Elias were from the local resettlement areas and had been seen in the company of Nicholas Goche during the day drinking beer and singing praises for Mugabe and Goche.

16 May 2008

Goche addressed a campaign meeting at Chidembo School in the morning of May 16, 2008. He instructed all youths in the area to guard their land jealously against what he called the white re-invasion. They then were supposed to wipe out all MDC supporters. He specifically mentioned Edson Zaya, who was a known sell out in the area. Zaya was captured by Zanu (PF) youths and war vets, on May 16 at Chidembo Shopping centre in Shamva, he was heavily assaulted for more than an hour and was badly injured and died shortly after the assault on the same day.

27 May 2008

Kidwell Zvavamwe was dragged from his bed during the night of 27 May 2008. Reports note that the same group of Zanu (PF) youths which was roaming and accompanying Goche in his rounds in the constituency captured and assaulted Kidwell. Kidwell died a week later from the injuries he had sustained during the brutal attack. His wife Lucia Mukaru said that the youths barred Kidwell from seeking medical help.

11 May 2008

The Zanu (PF) youths from Goches campaign team dragged Roy Barwa from his hut with a wire tied around his neck like a leash and his face covered with a red cloth which they said represented death, they destroyed his homestead burning all what was inside the huts. His entire family was assaulted children and the mother. The family left the home and started living in the bush.

14 May 2008

On the night of May 14 2008 a gang of Zanu (PF) youths, accompanied by armed people in civilian clothes, abducted Florence Muponya from her home and beat up her husband who sustained injuries on his hands, eyes and his back. They burnt all the huts, kraals and a car. This incident was reported to the police but Goche ordered the police to arrest Muponya and her family instead, and they faced political violence charges before the court in Bindura. The charges were subsequently thrown out and the victims discharged.

10 May 2008

On May 10, 2008 Elton Mutero was abducted by Moses Tore and other Zanu (PF) youths who were being driven in a truck belonging to MP Goche . They threw him in a pick up truck and severely beat him before taking him to Shamva Police Station. He was detained at the police station and was interrogated by Goches campaign manager whilst in the police station.

14 May 2008

Brian Mupeme, Gorezvarimwa Chiyanike and his crew got Washington Muza arrested, accusing him of burning homes belonging to the Zanu (PF) people. He was assaulted by the police who forced him to agree on the charges of the case he was being accused of he was the local chairman of the MDC. About 19 other MDC supporters were arrested and assaulted with baton sticks.

21 June 2008

Innocent Kadzire and other MDC supporters were accused of supporting the MDC. They were assaulted by the Goche linked gang of militia they were later hauled to Madziwa Police Station where they lied that the MDC supporters were causing political violence, they were further assaulted by the police and released.

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