Gandiya appeals for help

HARARE - Bishop Chad Gandiya, Anglican Bishop of Harare, has appealed for more support from the Christian community as persecution of Anglicans in his diocese intensifies.

In spite of court orders that the Anglican church (Church of the Province of Central Africa) must share their churches with the breakaway former bishop, Nolbert Kunonga and his followers, the police are in many cases barring the Anglican church from using their own churches.

There was even a case recently where the women’s association wasa teargassed by police while they held a meeting in an open field. Gandiya met the National Pastors’ Conference, the Christian Alliance and Ecumenical Support Services on April 15. He produced a copy of a circular to police stations in the Harare area, urging the police to work to unite ‘the two Anglican factions under Kunonga’ – although Kunonga has been ex-communicated by Anglican church.

Church doors have been welded shut in several cases to prevent Anglicans from using the building. This is a sign that the Kunonga group does not even have a congregation in those areas.

The absence of several official representatives who had been invited from the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, CCJP and the Evangelical Fellowship was noted. Observers interpreted this as a sign that Zanu (PF) is seeking to control more than just the Anglican church.- In Touch Jesuit Communications

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