Ice-cream cones for Africa

hermes_factoryHermes Cones have been producing high quality ice-cream cones, sweets and snacks since 1977. Constant innovation and investment in new manufacturing technologies has made Hermes products extremely profitable to their retail customers in terms of quality and cost. The business is owned and run by the Mavropoulos family. (Pictu

The CEO, Dennis Mavropoulous, said the company had been exporting products to Zimbabwe for more than a year, and had developed a name for reliability and service. Customer feedback has been excellent and we want to expand our footprint in the country, he said recently.

The taste and quality of an ice cream cone is very important. It should not be too sweet, otherwise it competes with the taste of the ice cream. If it is too bland, or leaves a “cardboard” aftertaste, that also is not good for the consumer, he explained.

Every Hermes product is made from the finest quality ingredients, resulting in a product which consistently exceeds consumer expectations. In the fast-paced automated world of today, attention to detail is our key priority and the company has a reputation for customer satisfaction.

Hermes Cone and Snack Manufacturers was established in March 1977 by Costa and Steni Mavropoulos in a building measuring just 350 sq. meters. They started out manufacturing marshmallow cones.

In 1978 we purchased our first hand-operated ice-cream cone machine. We imported our first fully automatic cone machine in 1979. Hermes employs about 80 employees most of them being in our employ in excess of 15 years.

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