‘In memory of those who shed their blood and those who fled in search of democracy’.

zimbabweAs Zimbabwe draws ever closer to celebratrating 30 years of independence on the 18th April 2010.

Many Zimbabweans who are suffering persecution, poverty and self proclaimed patriarchy of Zimbabwe by its president Robert Gabriel Mugabe now 86 and Zanu-pf – the current political party who have been in power since its so-called independence will be asking themselves what have they achieved during that period. The majority who have sufferd during this time are black Zimbabweans who know full when Mugabe speaks of crushing the opposition as he has done and continues to do as he did in the early 1980’s when after coming to power the ‘Fith Brigade’ under direct control of Mugabe massacred nearly 30,000 men women and children known to black Zimbabweans as the ‘Gukurahundi’ the genocide which took place in Matebeleland and the Midlands.

Zimbabweans are dying daily with increased HIV/AIDS, mass poverty, depleting food and water resources and failed policies with self serving members of parliament who have failed the people and the country as a whole. Where its citizens and political parties have been systematically silenced over the years either in questionable accidents orchestrated by the notorious Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and the state machinery. The media, the judiciary and the church all fully aware of the ramifications of speaking out in a one party state. Yet amongst those beaten, illegally imprisoned and tortured come the sounds and cries of freedom. Where many have been weak and weary with blood and tears come the shoulders of many around the world with mercy, kindness and offers of support.

Over 1 million children have lost one or both parents suffer in silence with little or no support from the state. Schools and hospitals in a state of years of neglect. Over 4 million Zimbabweans in diaspora around the world many forced to flee and too frightened to return in fear of their lives. Yet amongst the fear, hardship, intimidation and the storm many courageously continue to speak out. Many are graciously calling for peace and reconciliation seeking hope where there is only hopelessness. Grant us the grace that we may serve others with unselfishness that we may strengthen the weak, the poor and infirm. Grant us courage and conviction to be the head and not the tail.


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