Internet revolution comes to Zim

nelson_chamisaHARARE By the end of this year there will be drastic improvement in internet spend and connectivity, Information and technology Minister, Nelson Chamisa (pictured), said this week.

His statement was made at the commencement of the laying of an under-sea, optic fibre link between Zimbabwe and Beira. “Zimbabweans will be able to send and receive high volumes of video, data and voice; access 3G and 4G because of the increased bandwidth, Chamisa announced.

Last week, US$6.2 million was released by the Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, for the project. It is expected that the laying of the fibre link will be completed by the end of this year. At present, Zimbabwe uses satellite for internet. The disadvantage of this method is that it is slow and very expensive. Chamisa said that the optic fibre link currently in place between Plumtree and Bulawayo, together with the new link, will make the country a seamless kingdom of communication.

We have contracted TelOne to lay the optic fibre line and the first target is to link the major cities by the end of the year. Our strategy is that by 2015, we should be an information society.” Chamisa was confident that Zimbabwe was an ideal location for such a project because of its geographical location and its wealth of educated and intelligent citizens. “From a business point of view, we have to leverage our intellectual capacity as a people, he said.

He concluded by saying that the availability of cheaper internet would have a far reaching impact on average Zimbabweans, allowing them to apply for birth certificates and school results online.

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