Its your Country

its_your_countryThank goodness, ANC has the wisdom to see what is bad and what is good. Malema is now being charged for his childish outburst. I am a Zanu (PF) official and I wish my party could learn from such experiences and bring to book all those who put the partys name into disrepute.

That way we can see a reformed Zanu (PF) doing zvido zvevanhu. I am tired of the fact that each time one wants to point out what is bad, they are killed or harassed into silence. We have killed our own party. – 88 Samora.

How about fresh elections supervised by the UN? – Anonymous.

There are so many investment opportunities in Zimbabwe these can only be unlocked if our government stops the power struggles and focus on real national development. Zanu (PF) has so far been the major impediment to progress and it is time for everyone to say it out. Let us support the civic organisation in their quest to bring rule of law and recognition of human rights because that is our first step to real progress. – Argatha Chegutu.

Thanks for a good paper, but I think you should improve on your pictures in the Sunday paper. How about dedicating a page of pictures to leisure and lifestyle and entertainment titbits just like the Caught on Camera section? – Anonymous.

I wonder what President Mugabe has to say about the way people were cheering each time he mentioned Tsvangirai in his speech at the National Sports Stadium. I think the old man will soon start seeing the reality that Tsvangirai is the man of the people. – Anonymous

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