MDC vets challenge ANC to come clean

JOHANNESBURG - The MDC Veterans Activists Association (MDC VAA) this week challenged South Africas ruling African National Congress party to come clean on its policy regarding the political situation in Zimbabwe.

While ANC President Jacob Zuma last week pledged that his party would remain neutral, the MDC VAA said that, considering the ANCs behind-closed-doors activities, Zumas neutrality remained hazy. The ANC sent a delegation headed by Tokyo Sexwale to the Zanu (PF) congress last year, which pledged its alliance with Zanu (PF), so how can Zuma then come back and claim that the same party does not support one side of the Zimbabwean political divide? said MDC VAA chairman, Solomon Chikohwero.

Chikohwero downplayed Zumas recent public berating of the ANCs Youth League president, Julius Malema, who told the media in Johannesburg last week that the party wanted Mugabe to retain power. Judging by the ANCs recent activities, I think Malema was correctly speaking the position of that party. The only concern for them is that he made the statement so boldly in public. Zuma is then trying to fire-fight but the ANC shares Malemas point, he said. Chikohwero said that if the ANC came out clean on its position, it would make it easier for the regional SADC bloc to find a way forward in the mediation process in Zimbabwe.

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