Mutambara says violation of human rights doesnt collapse economy

mutambara_arthurBULAWAYO - Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara (Pictured) shocked delegates at the Zimbabwe International Business Conference in Bulawayo on Wednesday when he said bad governance, violation of human rights and democracy do not affect investment and the growth of Zimbabwes economy.

Responding to a question from one of the participants at the conference which is being held concurrently with the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) Deputy Prime minister Mutambara said countries like China, Singapore and Malaysia have successful economies despite their poor record on democracy and human right violations. Malaysia under Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad was not a democracy but has one of the best economies in Asia. There is also no democracy in China and Singapore but their economy is one of the biggest in the world, said Mutambara who is the leader of the smaller faction of the MDC.

Mutambara claimed that colonization is the corner stone of the British economy while the American economy was anchored on slavery. The American economy is built upon slavery and not democracy. The same applies to the British economies which grow as a result of colonization of Africa. So we must be very careful when we talk of democracy and human rights violations in Zimbabwe because human rights violations in our country has nothing to do with the collapse of our economy, said Mutambara.

Mutambaras comments were apparently at variance with his boss Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who bemoaned the resurfacing of political violence in the country while earlier addressing the same gathering. The business conference was organized by ZITF in partnership with the National Economic Consultative Forum (NECF).

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