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teach_me_your_waysWe are looking at hope and how the writers of the Gospels never described the miracles Jesus performed with much emotion.

What about the woman with the issue of blood? For 12 years she had this problem, and she had spent all her money, hoping the doctors could sort it out. In fact, she was probably in debt. So, in desperation, she touches Jesus garment. She immediately knows she has been healed! If that was you, you would be rejoicing, but all the Bible says is, Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole. Go in peace. Thats the end of the story. Thats it: no emotion, no excitement. Go back and read all the miracles Jesus performed, and very little emotion is shown.

Although the Gospels were written by men, they were directed by the Holy Spirit, and we need to ask why the Holy Spirit presented the miracles in this manner. Nothing in Scripture confirms what I am about to say, but I believe that if more emphasis was put on the miracles, we could have been in danger of looking at the miracles and not at the Person who performed the miracles: Jesus. You see, the Holy Spirit wanted us to operate in faith and not by sight.

Everything we do needs to be in the Spirit. We need to live by the Spirit, worship in the Spirit. You may be wondering how on earth you do that. That is a good question, because most of us have no idea. I presume we all know that the Spirit of God dwells in us? If you are not sure, then read Ephesians 1:17 onwards.

The Word of God is a reflection of your Spirit, or should I say the Spirit that dwells in you. Do you know that no one has seen his own face? You have seen a reflection or a photograph of your face, but unbeknownst to you, that reflection could be distorted. Therefore, you could have the wrong image of your face. Well, we are unable to see the Spirit of God that dwells in us, but we have the reflection, which is not distorted. Some people try to distort it by presenting the Word in a different light; the Lord has not done that, but man. If you have missed any previous columns in this series please visit our website:

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