Prime Minister’s office, apostles join forces in fight for children’s rights

children_rightsHARARE -The Prime Minister's office and leadership of apostle sects have resolved to fight for the rights of children such as immunization against killer diseases like measles.

A meeting held last week in Harare in Harare and chaired by the Public Affairs officer in the Prime Minister’s office, Dennis Murara, protected and move with time.

“The Prime Minister’s office, committed itself to work with organizations representing different people’s interests. We resolved to set up committees made up of apostolic leadership at district and provincial level. The committees wil be charged with the responsibility to teach sects membership on the importance of child immunization across the country,” said Marondera district secretary for Union for the Development of Apostolic Churches (UDACIZA), Tonderai Chitaguta, who attended the meeting.

“UNICEF approached the Prime Minister’s office, expressing concern at the increasing number of children dying from preventable diseases such as measles.

The Prime Minister’s office committed itself to work with different interest groups such as churches, Non-Governmaental Organizations, labour unions, business representatives and others to contain epidemics and preventable diseases. In Zhombe, 13 measles-related deaths, were recorded in families of members of apostolic sects,” said Chitaguda.

He said delegates at the meeting noted that, children were not voluntary born again apostles and it was a violation of their rights as minors, to deny them access to immunization. They must enjoy rights entitled to children until they turn 18, when they can make informed decisions.

A one-day follow up conference, will be held next week on April 7 in Harare.

Interested parties such as the Prime Minister’s office, ministries of health and education, police and others will attend. UDACIZA will send 12 representatives.

Women will be the main target of planned immunization campaigns. It was agreed that, if women embraced immunization programmes, it becomes easier to protect children in apostolic sects from measles. Members of apostolic sects make the majority of christians in the country. Women members of UDACIZA will converge at the Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza soon.

Sects such as Mugodhi, which discourage members from seeking medical treatment at medical institutions, will be taught about the importance of modern medicine, in the fight against curable diseases.

Recently, members of some apostolic sects, almost clashed with government law enforcement agents, as they resisted immunizing children against measles.

NOTE: First page material story to follow tomorrow. “Chombo imposes appointed councilors, orders reinstatement of dismissed Zanu PF supporters at council, orders lucrative package for losing Zanu PF Mayor Chimanikire and imposes a technocrat team to monitor councillors. MDC councilors say Chombo’s directive is a non-event. Fireworks expected at Town House on Tuesday.”

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