ROHR Zimbabwe News Alert : More reports of internal displacements

rohrROHR Zimbabwe received another sad report from its partner organization Victims Action Committee (VAC) on seven families that were forced to flee their homes yesterday around 0800 hours following a threat of violence made by Ishmael Jeni at a prayer meeting held at Zhanda village of Chishapa area in Shamva.

Information made available to VAC by one of the displaced victims, Mrs. Honzeri is that Jeni threatened to descend on them with a group of ZANU Pf youths at night to destroy their houses to drive them from the village for being supporters of the MDC. Among the displaced group are seven men, seven women, ten children under the age of twelve and two teenagers.

The families faced a similar fate during the round of violence in March 2008 and now they are squatting in the nearby bushes with no access to food, water and shelter.

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