Terror breaks out in Muzarabani, 16 families flee their homes last night.

youth_militia16 families from Hoya ward 17 in Charunda village of Chief Kasekete in Muzarabani yesterday fled their homes at night to seek refuge at St Albert business centre to avert organized terror from a group of more than 200 ZANU Pf youths hired from Chiwenga ward.

Earlier this weekend, in an insidious criminal act of impunity that has left the village paralyzed, Paradzai Chabayanzara and a group of unidentified ZANU Pf youths are reported to have burnt down the Charunda village AFM church and Kafuramutowa’s house member of the MDC. Speaking to ROHR Zimbabwe, the district chairman for Muzarabani, Freddie Matonhodze said the church was burnt because the ZANU Pf supporters are alleging that it’s a church for the MDC people.

Reliable information made available to ROHR Zimbabwe this morning by Matonhodze, is that 55 members from Charunda village; man, women and children including the herd-man aged 70 had to walk for more than 84 kilometers during the night and are now destitute following an arrangement that was made by the ZANU Pf district chairman to hire youths from a neighboring village to come and assault all members of the MDC.

The unraveling terror incident is linked to the sprouting rekindled reports of violence and intimidation campaigns targeted at MDC supporters ahead of the constitutional outreach program. “They don’t want people from the MDC speaking about the constitution; they are claiming that only the chief and the herdsmen are authorized to speak on behalf of the people” said Matonhodze.

Commenting on the plight of the stranded 16 families who are in dire need of food, water and shelter, Matonhodze said he was not impressed by the behavior shown by ZANU Pf supporters in the inclusive government.” ZANU Pf is not in the inclusive government because of the will of the people but as a result of negotiations. They want to impose their shameful constitutional position on the people by force forgetting that the majority spoke resoundingly on March 29.”

He also criticized the partisan behavior exhibited by Chief Changara Kasekete for promoting a discriminatory society bent on disempowering community members on grounds of political affiliation.

For Peace, Justice and Freedom

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