Tripartite partners in Solidarity with Zimbabwe

JOHANNESBURG: The South African Communist Party (SACP) is holding meetings with political parties from Zimbabwe and non government organizations so as to understand the real situation.

The SACP have held meetings with Movement for the Democratic Change Tsvangirai and Mutambara and Zapu. They have held meetings with organizations like Southern African Institute of Migration Affairs (SAWIMA) and Crisis Coalition Zimbabwe. Molefo Mosemanyane the national committee member of the Young Communist League South Africa confirmed that such meetings did occur. Molefe says, We have met with both MDC parties and Zapu. We have met with Zanu P.F youth League at one stage and the Zimbabwe National Association of Student Union. We are continuing with our meetings with different stalk holders in Zimbabwe. We do not want to take a partisan approach as this will compromise what we want to achieve. We want to understand the situation in Zimbabwe and see how we can assist as a party. We do not believe the conditions in Zimbabwe are conducive for political activity. We hear there are a lot of political harassment and victimization. Molefo Mosemanyane says they want to see a free and prosperous Zimbabwe. Mr. Mosemanyane assets that they do not want to assume but want to be guided by Zimbabweans on the situation and way forward. The young communist could not be drawn into disclosing as to when they intend to visit Zimbabwe and how they want to really assist. Meanwhile Peter Craven the Cosatu spokes person says they are in solidarity with Zimbabweans as a whole and not particular group. Peter says, our ally is democracy even thought we support the Congress of Trade Unions in Zimbabwe our sister organization. We are fully behind the workers. We support President Zumas mediation in Zimbabwe even though we feel he is not pushing enough. At one time we went to Beitbridge hoping to go and demonstrate in Zimbabwe and we also demonstrated against the military contraband form China docking in Durban Mr. Craven says they support the working class and they general population and will continue to do so. He maintains that they will never be hoodwinked by fake elections in Zimbabwe which are not free and fair. He says there remain cautious and vigilante in anticipation of a good message from Zimbabwe

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