Visit of Iran President to Zimbabwe an insult to those cleansing Zanu PF

mahmoud_ahmadinejadThe MDC SA is still to come to terms with the invitation of Iran President, Mohmound Ahmadinejab (pictured) to Zimbabwe by our partners in government, Zanu PF.

We have been cleansing Zanu PF from the bloody demons which it is possessed of, but it looks like they are more determined to attract more powerful evil spirits.

At a time when we thought Zanu PF was slowly beginning to cherish the wisdom of aligning itself with progressive and democratic institutions and individuals, the former gorillas went behind our backs and invited a war monger and human executioner to officially open our Trade Fair in Bulawayo today. Ahmadinejab should never be allowed to set his foot in Zimbabwe. He is an international object of ridicule and a laughing stock

How then does Zanu PF expect travel bans imposed on its leaders and cronies to be lifted? How will this improve our relations with the West, when our partners in government cuddle a dubious character who was internationally condemned for pursuing a controversial nuclear programme?

Just like Mugabe, Ahmadinejab, controversial declared himself winner of the discredited 2009 elections. He left his opponents in shallow graves following an uprising soon after declared the winner of the elections. Mugabe lost elections to Tsvangirai after withholding results for 34 days. He launched a bloody backlash on members of MDC during the June 2008 sole re-run and declared himself winner thereafter. So Mugabe might be simply flocking with species of his plummage.

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