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constitution_The MDC is the only party that seems sane enough to keep the checks and balances in the constitution making process, but what will happen if the party starts to entertain fissures and factionalism, is that not a betrayal of the peoples faith and trust.

I am deeply saddened by the reports of an impasse between the two pillars of the party, Biti and Tsvangirai. If it is true that they are divided, then they should immediately outgrow these immature ideological difference and take a minute to think about the millions whose lives are harboured on what they will deliver to us. Inga rwendo manga mafamba wani nhai. – Anonymous

We need equal representation for all provinces when voting; each provinces legislature should have the power to decide how the presidential representatives would be chosen. The powers of the public officials should be limited. Their actions must conform to the constitution and to the laws made in accordance. Elected officials must stand for re- election at intervals when their records have been subject to intensive public scrutiny. They should be removed from office if their records are unsatisfactory and the constitution should have such a provision. Where there is extreme misconduct or high crimes like treason or corruption, there should be impeachment. Parliament must bring forward those charges by voting a bill of impeachment and the Supreme Court should preside over the trial. – Fri Mzoza

I want to register my utter disappointment with the current Zimbabwean constitution. I am not allowed to vote yet I am a Zimbabwe citizen, born and bred here and now over 40 years of age. I cannot vote because one of my parents is South African. – Want to vote Prisoners must have the right to vote. – Mungenge

I am still waiting for a new constitution but if the MDC cannot get the GPA to work, will it make such a long process work. Let us just talk about elections. – Ambuya

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