Crushing the serpents tail

EDITOR - Who wants to kill a poisonous snake by crushing its tail? Those of us trying to "draft" a new constitution within the old dispensation.

I believe that every distinct political era has its own constitution whether the latter has been formally written down or not. Its more like an electronic transmitter after it has been switched on; it fills the space around it with radio waves whether or not my receiver is turned on. That era is the prime mover, and not the other way round. A change of the dispensation is what we silently long for.

I also believe that the cradle of the classical US constitution was not a round table somewhere on the East Coast of that country, but rather the open countryside, where the legendary imperial armies took a softening from the forces of freedom-starved Colonists.

As long as democracy-loving people of our own nation continue to get harassed, tortured, or murdered for nothing other than their belief in their rights and dignity, we shall remain languishing in the old boat, the formation of the GNU notwithstanding. ANON., by e-mail

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