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Zanu (PF) could not hide its colours anymore about Bennett; they have now come out in the open that they just do not want Bennett because of their selfish anti- Rhodesia thing.

It is now 30 years since Rhodesia and we cannot continue to live in the past. Viva Bennett, the MDC must go into the streets until he is assigned. What Zanu (PF) is saying is that the white Rhodesian racists have been replaced by black racists who do not want to see white. – Zvemaracists Taramba

The Bennett issue is Zanu (PF)s way of gaining favour with the fellow African leaders who concur with the anti-white stance and you will see SADC sleeping and snoring while Zanu denies a legitimate Zimbabwean from serving his own country. – Anonymous

Thanks for a very informative and in-depth paper. I would like you to investigate and expose corruption, nepotism and looting at NOCZIM. – Musanhi, Harare

Tsvangirai, you are our only hope, please keep pressing forward the struggle is not yet over. We have been with you since 1999. We were tortured because we supported you. We know that Zanu (PF) is trying by all means to block all your efforts to revive our economy but it is too late for them since we now know the truth.

Everyone in the world knows you are here to deliver us from this Egypt. It is because of Zanu (PF)s interference that teachers are earning meagre salaries. To Biti, please sit down and amicably sort whatever problems are there. We know this is the work of the devil and remember the devil is a liar. Congratulations for your democracy award. – Goodhope, Harare

Zanu (PF) is right in trying to meddle, they are only trying to save their derelict party. MDC should be strong enough to counter that. We will win, Harare

My condolences to Tongayi Moyos family on the death of his wife. May her soul rest in peace. While we mourn with you Dhewa, you should gather yourself together and know that maruva enyika haaperi. Friend, Bulawayo

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