Mortgaging Zim’s resources

EDITOR - Revelations in the media this week that the Iranian president was offered potential huge deposits of uranium ore during his recent visit to Zimbabwe to pay off Zanu (PF)s debt, makes one worried about the sincerity of Zanu (PF) in desisting from selling the countrys natural resources for personal gain.

The reports make mention that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in the country in order for Zimbabwe to repay Iran US$15 million that was given to ZBC and Arda in 2005. However, if one looks at the performances of the two state companies over the past five years, what comes to the mind of everyone is that the money that was loaned to Zimbabwe was corruptly used by those in Zanu (PF).

Nothing shows that ZBC and Arda made any useful projects from the money donated by Iran. During that period the sole broadcaster nearly collapsed to the extent of failing to pay its workers while it turned itself into a Zanu (PF) mouthpiece. Arda was involved in massive looting of its assets at its estates across the country by senior Zanu (PF) officials, which was corroborated in parliament early this year.

Now Iran wants to be repaid her money presumably by Finance minister, Tendai Biti, using the taxpayers hard earned money. But when this was all happening, Biti and the taxpayers were never near these corrupt dealings and none benefited from the funds that were supposed to improve their day to day lives. And to make matters worse, Zanu (PF) would like to exchange this loan with the countrys uranium deposits.

This should never be allowed to happen. Similar mortgaging of the countrys resources has happened when Zanu (PF) handed over our resources of this country for next to nothing to China.

It is time that the Zimbabwe took a decisive step to stop this nonsense of dealing with despots like Ahmadinejad and get serious in investing with genuine and untarnished investors. STEVEN TAKAWIRA, Victoria Falls

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