Parly should prosecute Mpofu

obert_mpofuEDITOR - The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy should push for the charging and prosecution of Mines minister, Obert Mpofu (pictured), by a full house of parliament.

For the second time now the committee has been barred by Mpofu from touring Chiadzwa diamond fields in Marange. This barring is despite the fact that the parliamentary team had been cleared by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the police. Mpofus actions are a clear sign that he and his colleagues in Zanu (PF) have been rampantly and illegally mining diamonds at Chiadzwa. He does not want the committee to see how he has corruptly acquired his wealth since he became Mines minister.

A lot of corruption in the Zanu (PF) circles has taken place in Chiadzwa with the blessing of Mpofu. This should be investigated by the committee and the truth about the corruption and abuse of human rights of communities living in the area. This can only be done if Mpofus reluctance to grant the committee access to Chiadzwa is brought before a full parliamentary house as early as possible.

Mpofu should not be allowed to run Chiadzwa as his personal property. He is accountable to the people of Zimbabwe and should be made to account for his deeds.

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