Politicians death shock

EDITOR April 21 and 23 are sad days on which four great Zimbabwean politicians perished in separate road accidents.

It was a shock to hear of the deaths of three top MDC politicians in one accident and one Zanu (PF) politician and her relatives in the other. May the souls of the deceased rest in peace and I extend heartfelt condolences to their families and respective parties.

In the past there has always been suspicion surrounding the death of politicians in road accidents, but in most accidents, there has always been a common feature – that of human error. We cannot afford to continue losing valuable politicians of the calibre of the deceased personalities, like Renson Gasela and others, who died unnecessarily last week in road carnage.

Its high time drivers realised the sanctity of life and took responsibility for the lives of human beings both within and outside their cars. Drivers both civilian and political should attend defensive driving courses run by Zim Traffic Safety Board. Those courses change drivers attitudes and save many lives.

Defensive drivers drive to avoid accidents in the presence of all adverse driving conditions and in spite of the mistakes of other road users. – A J SIBINDI, by e-mail

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