SA targets touts

world-cup_2010JOHANNESBURG - With more than 2.5 million tickets sold through authorised FIFA channels, the South African authorities have finalised regulations to combat ticket touts.

We are concerned that consumers may be prejudiced by believing that they can purchase tickets through avenues which are not authorised by FIFA. Consumers could loose the money that they have paid for tickets or be left in a situation of not receiving the tickets that they have paid for, explained Dr Rob Davies, Minister of Trade and Industry, in a statement to The Zimbabwean.

The implementation of a new regulation approved by the Minister of Trade and Industry makes it unlawful for any entity or person to sell or otherwise dispose of FIFA World Cup tickets for commercial purposes as such is an unfair business practice.

To prevent forgery, each ticket features various special security elements such as a barcode. With the electronic turnstiles, invalid or forged tickets will be easily detected. It is important to note that any ticket can be traced back to the original buyer who can be made liable according to the terms and conditions.

A special team from FIFA’s Legal Affairs Division and from MATCH Event Services are working closely with international and local authorities to take action to combat illegal.

This new regulation will greatly assist the enforcement authorities in their efforts to stop unlawful ticketing. In addition, the South African Police Services are conducting criminal investigations into ticketing activities by unauthorised parties which will tighten the control of the sale of tickets even further, explained Clifford Green, acting attorney for FIFA in a statement.

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