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stutafordsEDITOR - I feel sorry for the couple who are struggling to get their shipment from the UK after paying so much money to have their valuables delivered to Zimbabwe. As head of a company that handles similar shipments from overseas I would like to also advise our compatriots in the Diaspora not to take risks with their hard earned assets by assigning unproven agents to

There are known cases of containers that have gotten stuck at both Durban and Beira ports because the entrusted shipping agents had short paid for freight up to the ports of entry and not straight through to Harare. In other cases the documentation was wrong leading to serious and costly delays at ports of entry. This need not happen!

Moving families should take time to select relocation companies that are reputable. Their standing in the eyes of third party service providers such as shipping lines, airlines and customs authorities will make it possible for a smooth transfer of cargo from port of origin to destination. In many cases the non-established shipping agencies take huge risks by sending shipments over without a clear understanding of the existing regulations in the country of destination. Border control regulations and immigration rules are never static and it is an area of major preoccupation for companies such as ours to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest developments. All this information is then advised to the moving family before a contract is established.

There is always the issue of cost but a well established agent will be able to advise on the most cost effective routing, the number of items that fits into the clients budget and the best mode of transport for the size and type of cargo being shipped.

As Stuttafords we have an extensive network of reputable agents in the UK and (indeed all over the world) who can assist all returning families with high quality professional services in moving.

We can be contacted through our website; or through [email protected]; for professional advice. MATTHEW CHANDAVENGERWA, Harare

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