The Daily Agenta 19 May 2010

bulawayo_agendaThe Daily Agenda, published from Monday to Friday provides information on critical governance and developmental issues.

It is our hope that the information provided will be useful to our constituency of readership, particularly the leaders at the local level and civil society practitioners, in informing and shaping their choice of developmental objectives and initiatives.

Gweru- As the times are becoming more difficult for the inclusive government, the people are also losing hope of ever having a better and stable future in Zimbabwe. In a public meeting held in Gweru, residents felt that the government was a big letdown as they felt that the members of parliament they had elected are neglecting them and have forgotten about the promises that they made to the people. Miss Ngwenya of Mkoba said, We are thankful for the dollarisation which has stabilised the economy although hiking of food prices is too much to bear for the ordinary Zimbabwean. This leaves us at the same point that we were in 2008 although this time with food on our shelves.

Upcoming Events

Bulawayo Agenda has scheduled for the following meeting in Lupane today.

Venue: Mtshakabhandane Primary School

Time: 10am- 2pm

Speakers: Vumani Ndlovu (Lupane Agenda), Benjamin Phakatshane, Thunyiwe Zidla

And on the same day, as follows-

Venue: Dakiwe Primary School

Time: 1pm- 5pm

Speakers: Vumani Ndlovu, Benjamin Phakatshane, David Nyathi

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