Fellow policemen, RISE UP!!

This letter I write with a seething heart. Fellow comrades, fellow policemen, fellow countrymen, we have allowed ourselves to be used by the ZANU-PF dragon for too long, why can't we RISE UP!!.

I am a serving member of the police force and more so a once strong ZANU-PF fanatic, but have realized the pressure of the wind of change, hence my calling.

I feel sorry for some of us who have not up to this time felt this wind. Fellow policemen, this is the time cdes.

I have watched with embarrassment the manner in which some of us have been taking ‘orders’ from our corrupt leaders. Comrades, isn’t it true that if we allow ourselves to take orders from criminals we are also committing our own crimes?

I watched with horror the way in which the combi drivers and their conductors were button sticked on Saturday. But what is it that our conscience tells us? Why can’t we instead join other democratic forces in the fight against lawlessness and other ills rather than join these undemocratic and brutal forces?

The very combi drivers and conductors that we beat are the ones taking us to and fro work where our employer to whom we are trying to be loyal is failing, do you realize this fellow cdes?

Is it not true that we are supposed to be getting accommodation from our employer to whom we are also trying to be loyal?

Comrades, lets make up our minds and rise to the occasion. The Chihuris, Zimondis, Shiris and Chiwengas of this world have enriched themselves and do not even care about us, there is no point whatsoever trying to defend their interests, after all we are the poorest of all Zimbabweans, let alone working and living under the most deplorable conditions.

I won’t support a fellow police officer who beat up my landlord, I will not entertain anyone who take me to and from work.

We have seen very unroadworthy combis being left to operate on the roads because they belong to senior government officials, worse still those combis will not carry any uniformed member, so why dare take orders from them?

Those combis belonging to our bosses have been left on the roads have also gone as far as doubling the normal fare at the expense of passengers.

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