Headmen trick villagers

UZUMBA The presence of soldiers on a genuine topographical exercise here was manipulated by Zanu (PF) to hoodwink villagers into believing armed forces were deployed to deal with MDC-T supporters after the FIFA World Cup.

Soldiers believed to be from the Army Engineers Corps, are carrying out topographical surveys here and parts of Murewa north. Headmen and Zanu (PF) officials are telling people that the army was deployed to launch an onslaught on MDC-T. This is instilling fear in villagers as memories of the 2008 state sponsored violence are still fresh in their minds, said a party official.

Zanu (PF) has no other campaign strategy besides reminding the electorate about the internationally condemned 2008 rein of terror.

During the massacre which followed the trouncing of Mugabe and Zanu (PF) by MDC-T at the polls, suspected MDC supporters were either beaten up, maimed or killed. Most houses belonging to Morgan Tsvangirai supporters were destroyed by Zanu (PF) thugs. There are allegations that at Murewa Center, the army is recruiting and deploying youths to beef up Zanu (PF) thugs around villages.

The exercise is led by an army Colonel, Chinete. The senior army officer was at the centre of violence in 2008. He recently reserved 15 houses from the Ministry of Public Construction here to accommodate soldiers to be deployed as agents of terror in August, said a highly placed government official at Murewa government complex.

Idle soldiers of the defunct Maguta project, still maintain a huge presence at the shopping centre to instill fear among MDC-T followers.

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