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HARARE An exciting new eclectic anthology of African Writers is about to hit the shelves.

African Roar is a fiction anthology initially drawn from the very best stories published from 2007-2009, in the StoryTime weekly literary ezine dedicated to publishing African writers. Each story then went through a further rigorous editing process by the co-editors Emmanuel Sigauke and Ivor W. Hartmann to ensure their highest potential, and are now only available in the anthology.

African Roar features short fiction from: Ayesha Harruna Attah, Ayodele Morocco-Clarke, Beaven Tapureta, Chuma Nwokolo Jr., Christopher Mlalazi, Emmanuel Sigauke, Ivor W. Hartmann, Kola Tubosun, Masimba Musodza, Nana A. Damoah, and Novuyo Rosa Tshuma.

This is the first in what will be an annual anthology release. Between these covers you will find eleven stories that stand as a testament to the upsurge of talented African writers boldly utilising the cutting edge of technology and the writing craft to be read globally. Spanning Africa and the African Diaspora in past, present and future, each story has a fresh and diverse vision that opens up new vistas of experience. From the lucid terrors of domestic violence through the eyes of a child, and the anguish of those left behind by a fleeing Diaspora, to a full circle, when the prey becomes the hunter and has the opportunity for revenge, and a dryly humorous look at what it’s like to lose a quarter of your brain, to name just a few of the treasures that lie within.

The forward to the anthology has this to say: There is no doubt that the internet, together with digital publishing, has changed and is still changing the world of published literature. In the case of Africa and the African Diaspora, I certainly believe it has been for the better. Never before have so many African writers been visibly active and prolific. There is a revolution going on in the world of African literature, an African Roar that is beginning to echo around the world.

According to Hartmann, the anthology offers a true cross section of African writing. What we have arrayed in this first anthology is an outstanding body of fiction from some of the finest emerging African writers today. With authors from all over Africa and in the African Diaspora, African Roar is now and promises to be a true cross-section of African literature.

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