What Zimbabwes government needs to do

Perpetrators of human rights abuses must be held accountable
The Zanu leadership has got away with decades of well-documented political repression and violence. The impunity needs to end.

PAC calls on the unity government to investigate and prosecute cases of abuse, especially those committed by known perpetrators such as District Commissioner Brighton Mudzamiri.

Should political interference prevent this from happening, PAC calls on the MDC to invite the International Criminal Court to launch an investigation with the intention

of laying charges against all members of the Zanu leadership, particularly the JOC, who have planned or taken part in well-documented human rights abuses. This would not be limited to events in Chiadzwa but also include all examples of political violence since 2002, when the ICC was constituted.

Scrap the joint ventures

The ownership structures of Mbada and Canadile are designed to facilitate the flow of diamond revenue into the pockets of Zanu patronage networks as opposed to the public treasury. This sets up an enabling environment for conflict within Zimbabwe that should be abhorrent to the KPCS.

PAC calls for the revocation of licenses granted to Mbada and Canadile and that existing diamond production to be stockpiled until there is legitimate and competent governance of the countrys diamond resources.

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